This site provides an opportunity for dog lovers and owners to learn more about the various treats available for their best friend. Everyone that owns a dog wants to provide not only the best high-quality dog food but also wants to ensure the treats they are handing out are just as nutrition will help with cleaning and keeping their teeth clean and above all else will not harm them in any fashion.

Throughout the website you will find information on healthy homemade dog treats, learn about dog food preservatives in treats that could be toxic, dog treats that sold in your local stores that you completely avoid altogether, learn what treats are healthy for your dog, learn to distinguish the best healthy dog food treats, what ingredients you need to watch for that can harm your dog whether homemade treats or store bought ones, the most common dog treats that can actually harm your best friend, and even the best treats to help you train your dog using dog treats.

In order to protect our puppies and dogs, we need to know learn more about the various food items whether they are human foods or additives that can cause all kinds of health issues including death. With so many new information and news articles of dog treats and various recalls, as pet owners, we must be very careful as to what we give our dog as a treat. These pages will provide you with the answers so you can enjoy giving your dog treats without any worry of causing him or her to become ill or even die from something you did not know would cause any harm.