Best Treats to Help Train Your Dog

Bull-dog-with-treatWe all love to see our dogs happy with anticipation and their tails wagging away when they know they are going to get a treat. This is why it is such an excellent tool in training, it motivates them to learn correct behavior because of the reward that follows. Here are a few basic helpful hints in choosing the best treat for the job. As a puppy, often times their regular dog food may be all that is required to achieve the desired results for training and, this helps save money as well. However, as they get older this becomes boring and additional encouragement will become necessary.

If you decide to purchase store bought Treats please be careful of your choosing because many of them on the market are unhealthy even though your dog loves them. They may contain harmful chemical preservatives or way too much sugar than is good for your dog. Also, keep in mind, treats add a lot of additional calories to your dog’s diet and you might need to adjust their regular dog food intake to compensate.

Just as with humans, variety is the spice of life for dogs also. Using several different kinds of treats will help to keep your dog from losing interest in the task at hand. People food can be a great reward and treat to help train your dog as a good alternative to name brand treats. However, you would only want to give them food that is good for them like real pieces of meat. Many dog lovers have taken up the money saving task of making their own homemade dog treats. It’s not hard to do and there are tons of recipes for them on the Internet. As long as a dog treat is healthy and they like it, it’s the best tool for training bar none.