Common Dog Treats That Can Harm Your Dog

Household-items-that-could-harm-your-dogNo one wants to intentionally feed something to our beloved Pets that could be harmful to their health but, when it comes to the dog treats that’s what many people are unwittingly doing. It is imperative we check the label of ingredients in these products because many of them contain dangerous chemicals added as a preservative. Also, many of them contain unnecessary amounts of sugar, which can cause obesity in your dog. This is just a generalization of a very big picture and of course, some Treats on the market are worse than others and some are actually healthy.

Of even greater concern are the products being sold that are known to be potentially fatal in some cases. Here are some examples of the ones you should avoid at all costs. Not that all jerky style dog treats are harmful many are not but, Jerky made from Chicken imported from China was responsible for the death of over 1000 Dogs in 2012. Petsmart and Petco pulled these harmful products from their shelves however, they are still being sold in the USA under various brand names. This is another good reason to make it’s made in the USA.

Dynamic Pet Real Ham Bone is a Treat that has been under fire lately as many Pet Owners have complained that the bone comes apart when chewed and, creates shards that are sharp and damage the intestines. The result can be vomiting, diarrhea and without treatment death. One other to stay away from is Pur Luv Dog Treats. They sell the bacon flavored Grande Bones that contain rock hard chunks that are indigestible and will block a dog’s bowels. Currently, they are facing a class action lawsuit from dog owners and there is an online petition to have it pulled from the shelves of retailers.

A little research and careful inspection can help ensure we are making the right choices when we pick out dog treats they love so much.