Dog Food Preservatives in Treats Could Be Toxic

10-faqs-about-commercial-complete-dry-dog-food-preservatives-545f5445a5d45Most dog owners are careful with the dog food the choose for their Pets but, fail to do so when it comes to the Treats we reward them with. They, unfortunately, may contain ingredients and chemicals that can be harmful or, over time even fatal. We must be more thorough in our review of these products for the sake of our dog’s health and well-being.

There are many different types of preservatives used in the manufacture of dog treats, some are harmless or even good for your dog but, many are toxic and dangerous. One of the worst chemicals to avoid is BHT/BHA used in both human and dog food. Where ever fatty or oily ingredients from beef of chicken are used, this antioxidant is often added to slow down its decomposition making it a great food preservative; however, the problem is that it has now been linked to a variety of different cancers. The World Health Organization has put BHT/BHA on its list of possible carcinogens and It is banned altogether in many Countries. It is surprising that in the USA the FDA still allows its use in small quantities.

Another major bad boy chemical you don’t want in your dog’s treats is Ethoxyquin, used as a preservative, it is currently under investigation by the FDA for causing liver cancer. This chemical is also used as a pesticide and, a hardening agent in the manufacturing of synthetic rubber. This should be a good indication of something you would not want to eat by choice. This chemical is already banned as a food additive in the European Union and in Australia.

Three others to stay away from are Propylene Glycol, TBHQ, and Propyl Gallate. These are all potentially toxic preservatives used in some brands of Dog Treats, so please take the time and review the ingredients of the Treats you buy before giving them to your dog.