How to Know the Best Healthy Dog Treats

DOGTREATS3It’s really not as difficult to find and choose dog treats that are healthy for our dogs as most people might think. The first key element of doing this is to simply take the time to carefully read and investigate the ingredients on the products label. Keep in mind at this point, the order of the list of contents is determined by weight, from most to least. Therefore, we can easily see what ingredient the product has the most of. If there is a long list of chemicals before you ever get to what we are lead to believe is the main ingredient such as chicken or beef, then it’s a good bet this Treat is not healthy for your dog.

A good thing to look for is that the dog treat you choose contains whole food ingredients, as opposed to by-products, fillers or highly processed and reconstituted foods. The more a food is processed the more it loses its nutrients. You should be able to easily identify the name of any ingredient, if not then beware. An example is if the products list says “animal fat or meat meal” you can not be sure the animal in question is a chicken or a cow unless it explicitly states real chicken or real beef. The “animal fat” could be from an Aardvark or a platypus for all we know.

One other thing we must check about the treat is what kinds of preservatives have been added. If at all possible stay away from products using Ethoxyquin, Propylene-Glycol or BHT/BHA as preservatives, for they have been found to be dangerous to dogs. Over time, the buildup of these chemicals is suspected of causing a variety of different kinds of Cancer in a dog as well as in humans. Natural preservatives are available in many brands of Treats found on the market these days. Good common sense is the best ingredient in finding a healthy dog treat.