Visit Ticonderoga’s Popular Dog Park

In the town of Ticonderoga, NY, there is a dog park that has become immensely popular among dogs and pet parents alike. With large, open spaces with grass and trees, it’s not hard to see why. For the perfect outing for you and your dog, Ticonderoga is the ideal place to sit back, relax, and watch the dogs happily play together and blow off some steam. In the meantime, get some fresh air and some time to yourself at one of the lovely picnic tables. Don’t forget your cup of coffee and doggy treats.

shutterstock_104706881A dog park with heart

The dog park has been around since late 2010, when it got started with the help of hardworking voluneers and the Town of Ticonderoga. It’s one of the only leash-free public dog parks in the area, and the goal is to make sure that both dogs and their parents have a safe and fun experience whenever they visit. With so much space to run and play, it’s the perfect spot for dogs to get together and have a good time, as well as get in some of that socializing that is so vital to dogs of all ages.

All dogs are welcome

The Ticonderoga dog park is a welcoming place for dogs of all shapes and sizes, although there are some ground rules. For instance, all dogs must be vaccinated, licensed, and well-behaved – if your dog doesn’t come when called or shows aggression toward other dogs and people, it might not be the right place for your dog. All dogs must also be spayed and neutered for obvious reasons, as well as kept under supervision the whole time. As the dog’s parent, you are responsible for anything they do. With the set of rules followed and respected, the dog park will be a happy, safe place for everyone.